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iOS 13 was the blow on the table that privacy needed. Until its launch, a large number of the apps we used daily collected information about our position to allow advertisers to set our advertising goal more precisely. This was cut last September, since with iOS 13 our devices remind us frequently when an application is using our background location and allows us to select what degree of permission we want to set: "Allow when using the App", "Allow once" and "Do not allow".

Previously the applications collected our locations by default without asking us. We installed them and in case we did not decide to take an interest in location services, the apps share our position to adapt the advertising that was shown to us.

Thanks to iOS 13 and its reminders to use the location in the apps A recent study has shown that the advertising conversion rate shown at interest has gone from being close to 100% to 50%. What does this mean? Before, the advertising that was shown was more focused on the user's interest thanks to the knowledge of its position, and now, since it is not allowing its information to be accessed, it is showing advertising without interest that makes users not click on it.

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This has been a great advance in what our privacy improvement refers to but also a big problem for information collection agencies and advertisers, since it is becoming much harder for them to select the purpose of their advertising. It makes little sense to have an ad for a restaurant in Madrid if we live in Barcelona, ​​right? That is what this is based on. On the other hand, there is the revaluation that the other 50% of the market is suffering, since the lower the offer, the higher the price. Agencies are collecting less quality data (those obtained through the GPS of our devices) and are having to use less accurate methods to show us ads that are linked to what we are currently interested in, such as positioning with Wi-Fi networks and other less accurate sources of information.

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