A user simulates a traffic jam on Google Maps with 99 mobiles and a cart

A user simulates a traffic jam on Google Maps with 99 mobiles and a cart

Google Maps jam 99 cell phones

Google Maps It is one of the most popular navigation applications worldwide, and I have long since received the arrival of Google Translate or your motorcycle mode in some countries, among others. However, of the millions of people who use the app, there is one who had the idea of simulate a traffic jam on Google Maps with 99 second-hand mobiles and some ingenuity.

With just a little ingenuity, a cart and 99 mobiles Second-hand, Simon Weckert managed to simulate a traffic jam on Google Maps, the popular navigation and transportation application. When the Mountain View company map application detects a traffic jam or traffic problems, change the color of these affected roads to orange or red, depending on the intensity level of the traffic. Even if the situation is complicated enough, it also recommends other routes to users.

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To determine if the traffic is intense or not, Google uses people's smartphones which has the Maps application installed to identify areas of heavy traffic or slow traffic. The more people use Google Maps in an area, the worse the traffic is and, in turn, Google change the color of the street to show it. A situation that Simon Weckert himself took advantage of to create a “fake traffic” on a road in Berlin.

A user creates a fake traffic on Google Maps with 99 mobiles and a cart

To achieve this, and as we have already commented, Weckert carg 99 second-hand smartphones in a cart and went for a walk. In this way, Google recognized the high concentration of "users" and said that street orange and red, which alerts users to traffic.

An action that will cause other Google Maps drivers were redirected to avoid the "traffic" caused by Simon Weckert, who even took the smart phone collection right outside the Google offices in Berlin to create virtual traffic jams.

It is expected that after this joke, Google take action to avoid such actions in the future. In addition, and as a curiosity, we remember that it was recently revealed that the distance that has mapped the Google Maps car is equivalent to going around the world 400 times.