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A free hexagonal puzzle game for Android

One of the most recurring types of games in the Google Play Store is that of puzzles and within that category there is one that is becoming quite fashionable, that of hexagonal puzzles.

One of those proposals is Hexagon game, a simple application that allows us to exercise the mind while having fun trying to finish the puzzles that he proposes.

For this we will have to use pieces composed of different numbers of hexagons to fill a much larger hex that will be the game board.

You're going to have a hexagon face trying to finish this game

Three difficulty levels

One of the most important variables of this type of games is the size of the board for which we will have three available depending on the difficulty we are looking for and we can move from one to another simply by going to the menu.

You're going to have a hexagon face trying to finish this gameThe game itself advises us to level up if you see that we are moving very fast in a lower one.

This is fine because the game adapts to users of all ages since in the same way that the initial level is simple the medium and the high are not at all.

Help and suggestions

We will have a button available that will give us a suggestion of movement if we are stuck in one of the puzzles.

We can also make use of purchases within the application to get more suggestions or we can watch a video so that they give us one on time.

You're going to have a hexagon face trying to finish this game

We can also pay to remove the ads you have but the truth is that they appear in the configuration menus and victory screens and do not bother playing.

It is a simple proposal that is appreciated to allow to play vertically and horizontally and it is that in many games we are forced to choose one of these two positions.