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Xiaomi launches the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini »ERdC

Xiaomi launches the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini speaker

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Xiaomi has launched the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini. This is already on the market for a price of 99 yuan; this are approximately 14 US dollars. As its name refers to, the mini Bluetooth Speaker for outdoor use is a reduced version of the Bluetooth Speaker Mi Outdoor Speaker; which had its launch in September last year for a price of 199 yuan; which are approximately 28 US dollars.

This new model is a miniature version of the elegant Bluetooth portable speaker from last year. Both the design and several features presented are very similar in both devices. This model adopts the attractive cord pattern of its predecessor; however the cord in this model is shorter. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. The mini has a dimension of 86 86 45 mm and weighs 185 g. This also has a USB Type-C port, which is located just below the cord.

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini has a large battery that has a capacity for 2000 mAhXiaomi ensures that the device can offer up to 10 hours of music playback at a volume level of 60%. The portable speaker also comes with dustproof and waterproof IP55 protection.

The device is also responsible for admitting the true wireless stereo interconnection function. Through this function, two speakers can be interconnected to form a wireless stereo speaker; which will lead to the delivery of stereo effects in the reproductions of the left and right channels.

The Bluetooth speaker also has a built-in high sensitivity microphone; It has high sea / noise ratio; and implements integrated echo cancellation technology, which can be used to answer and hang up calls with a single click.

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