Wireless sound system compatible with all

Wireless sound system compatible with all


PLAY: 3It is the bet of a wireless music system with an incredible nuance to enjoy the music that SONOSIt has launched to the market and is part of its extensive catalog of promising audio solutions.

Regardless of the available space, the new SONOS PLAY system: 3-at a price of 349 euros-cIt has cutting-edge design while maintaining incredible sound quality. It can be placed vertically or horizontally and still guarantee a clear balanced and enveloping sound. The PLAY: 3 It stands out with an elegant black and white finish.

Big technique

To achieve the reproduction of an unprecedented sound, PLAY: 3 It is equipped with three class D digital amplifiers and three controllers They are distributed in a tweeter and two mid-range 3-inch speakers, in addition to a passive bass radiator with rear reflector for wide sound.

All the music on the planet

Moreover, this speaker offers the possibility of connecting to the Internet, which considerably expands the options for listening to music, either by accessing the files contained in the computer (iTunes), as through a Apple Time Capsule.

And at the same time, it is able to search and play more than 100,000 radio stations, programs and podscasts for free, being compatible with the most popular music transmission services such as AUPEO or Spotify.

Alone or in company

With two simple controls for volume and silence, PLAY: 3 It can be configured individually or, also, perform a combination of stereo torque. In this way, by joining two speakers in the same room the user enjoys an amplified sound while each unit plays a different channel (left and right).

Total control

Finally, and like the rest of the brand's products, PLAY: 3 It can be comfortably controlled from a computer, smartphone or tablet. You only need to download the free SONOS CONTROLLER application toAndroid, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

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