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What are the safest Android devices?


What are the safest Android devices?

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October 12, 2015

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The security It is not a matter that is usually given too much attention when we are going to choose a device, and when it is taken into consideration, it is usually in terms of operating systems, as one more chapter of the eternal battle between iOS Y Android. The results of a recently published investigation, however, suggest that manufacturers they can also play a decisive role in how safe our smartphone or tablet is and have not even given us a ranking with the scores that each of them has obtained in their measurements. We present the results.

Nexus, LG and Motorola, in the lead

How can manufacturers influence the insurance that our devices are? Well, we saw a few weeks ago that it is in your hands, for example, the differences between one and the other regarding protection of our fingerprints depending on the configuration of the readers, but this study places emphasis on the Software updates, which do not depend entirely on Google and that they are still a hot topic due to the panic generated by the Stagefright. It must be remembered, however, that this investigation began before this episode and has been ongoing for several years.

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The results, as you can see, they leave in the lead and very prominent Nexus devices, something that may not surprise us if we think that they are the devices that more frequently and more quickly receive updates by coming directly from Google, even before they promised to launch monthly security updates. Among the rest, are those of LG those that stay closer and then those of Motorola, although quite a distance. In the middle part of the table, they stay Samsung, Sony, HTC (which has just been in the headlines lately for stating that the monthly update plans are not realistic) and Asus.

  • Nexus: 5.17 points
  • LG: 3.97 points
  • Motorola: 3.07 points
  • Samsung: 2.75 points
  • Sony: 2.63 points
  • HTC: 2.63 points
  • Asus: 2.35 points
  • Others: 1.97 points

What do you think about the results of this study on ecosystem security Android? Are data like this something that you can take into account when you go to choose a phablet or tablet or do you still look like something secondary? We remind you if you are looking for a device of this type that, to help you choose, we have at your disposal all kinds of comparatives