¿Cómo aprovechar las distintas características de Twitter para impulsar a tu marca?

Twitter make the confetti with which the winners of the Super Bowl baarn

  • According to Twitter, many of the people who attend the Super Bowl actually collect the party confetti.

  • He also pointed out that the papers could become collectibles that are sold online, as has happened before

  • The NFL and the social network have a long alliance, which is consolidated during the game, with a very important history behind

The great cup of the NFL is a marketing opportunity wherever you see it. The most classic, visible and palpable form are, of course, the advertisements Y teasers that put the marks during the Super Bowl broadcast on Fox. But there are also companies that, without being in the program, launch campaigns around the game. Of course, this is an opportunity to carry out executions with physical events Y other properties.

Thanks to this enormous marketing potential, countless experts and companies have tried to exploit the impact of the Super Bowl in new and creative ways. According Fresh Relevance, the brands that can react in real time to the incidents and news of the party are those that have the greatest impact. In accordance with Mention, is an excellent opportunity to ally with influencers. Y Shortstack He believes that gamification also grow in popularity.

Of course there are much more obvious marketing opportunities than others. Everyone wants to appear in Super Bowl commercials, because it is the best way for consumers to pay attention to the promotional message. Given the relevance of social networks, it is not surprising that these platforms are a common form of interaction during the game. However, Twitter has just found a great way to have a presence in the meeting.

Twitter is going to handle the confetti

In accordance with Adge, the network of microblogging just closed a deal with the NFL. From this alliance, Twitter will be the company in front of the confetti that is launched at the end of the game. That is to say, the social platform will be in charge of baar the members of the winning team with papers once they are imposed on top of their rivals. However, the company expects to give this practice a new twist. And it is not just thinking to throw simple colored paper.

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It is expected that the confetti with which the players will be taken and part of the public are in fact publications made on their platform. It is expected that these papers will print publications on Twitter that have made the NFL fans throughout the season. You can even throw some tweets that have been made until before this confrontation. According to the League, there can be up to 11 million posts different.

Is confetti a good marketing opportunity for the Super Bowl?

Like Twitter, other companies have made interesting activations for the Super Bowl. A group of hackers conducted a marketing campaign to take control of almost half of the NFL teams. To attract the Latino public, the League has talent like Shakira, Jennifer Lpez and even Northern Tigers for your part-time show. There are even political agents, specifically Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, to be promoted.

The idea of ​​Twitter is strange at first. In the end, what kind of person is going to stop for a couple of minutes during the Super Bowl to start reading a confetti? More importantly, how many people will really notice that the paper clippings at the end of the match are in fact posts from the social network? In this sense, the idea of ​​the platform does not sound so promising. There is no denying that the concept is unique, but it doubts its effectiveness at the moment of truth.

On the other hand, it represents a continuity around the goals of Twitter to have a greater presence in environments outside your digital space. Print tweets and throw them in one of the most important sporting events in the United States (USA) and the world is a very literal way to continue promoting this goal. In addition, it demonstrates a clear effort by the platform to create conversation offline that eventually migrate to its territory. And, well, maybe it works.