Tips para obtener más clics y engagement en LinkedIn

Tips to get more engagement on LinkedIn for your brand

Tips for more clicks and engagement on LinkedIn

Obtaining engagement has become one of the great challenges experienced by social media marketing professionals, with the passage of time, the engagement rate that can be expected from content has reduced considerably, for example, on Facebook, according to RivalIQ data, this is at 0.09 percent per publication, while on Twitter it reaches 0.048 percent, while other platforms experience similar cases. Figures like these, as well as the benefits of engagement, are what lead brands to have to pay more attention to this section. On this occasion we will highlight how you can improve engagement on LinkedIn, because it is a social network in which it often seems that not enough attention is paid although it can be key, especially for firms in the B2B segment.

For an objective with what is the obtaining of engagement on LinkedIn, Robert Brill, collaborator of Social Media Examiner, highlights the following actions to achieve compliance:

  • Search for attractive content ideas for LinkedIn

As a starting point to give a boost to engagement on LinkedIn, it is necessary to take on the task of finding the teas that will work with the audience within this platform. To achieve this you can resort to some particular actions.

The first one is to respond in Quora. The idea in this space is to evaluate the issues on its platform, that is, go to it to answer questions that users have posted and that are relevant to your business. When you find a piece of content that you like, consider expanding to a long-form publication on LinkedIn.

The second action is to consider participation with media, journalists or publishers to whom information or answers to certain questions have been provided. Well, use these comments for a LinkedIn post because it is already clear that there is an interest in the subject.

And one more will go to Reddit to verify the subreddits or topics that are relevant to the business. In a sense similar to that mentioned with Quora, the idea is to answer questions and return to the best of those answers to develop a LinkedIn post.

  • Make long format publications to activate the function see more

This second action to boost engagement on LinkedIn can be considered the most direct. As can be understood by the title of the point, it is about writing a long-format publication, without links that take off the platform or images of some kind. The important point to consider is that you can get the See more option that appears at the bottom of the publication when it is long, this motivates people to continue reading the publication completely.

For the social network, this action counts as a click, which is an indicator that your content is being attractive to the audience.

In case you still don't know, on LinkedIn you can publish up to 1,300 characters or 170 words, which represents enough space for a good story, to share facts or detail examples for your community to read.

An important aspect for this point to be effective in obtaining engagement is that the long format publication is really relevant, this is how people will be more motivated to continue reading a post of 1,300 characters.

As a kind of visual version of the See more feature, photo galleries can also be highly effective in improving LinkedIn engagement. As in other social platforms, LinkedIn has the possibility of placing multiple photos within the same publication, when it exceeds the limit supported by the platform, it starts to observe a +1 or + (the number of extra images in the publication), each of these extra images represents a click, and as with the previous point, each click brings feedback to the social network showing that the publication is attractive and can experience good engagement, so it is worth it show it to more people.

Some interesting ways to leverage this function may be to share photos of an event in the industry and tag the people they met, with the intention of generating more interaction when they see them; You can also resort to publishing 6 images to tell a story completely, where images are combined with small phrases; and one more will be an exercise perhaps more focused for personal accounts, such as highlighting 6 brands that are having an important impact on your life right now.

Ideally, publish your own photos instead of resorting to stock images, and opt for faces rather than places, buildings or other elements. The reason behind this is that faces have better performance because people have a better ability to identify faces than places.

  • Share valuable PDFs on the platform

As a fourth recommendation for engagement on LinkedIn you should consider PDF documents, in case you do not know it is possible to share the format in the desktop version of the social network.

While a PDF may not seem a particularly interesting element to share on LinkedIn, the expert points out that working with them is one of the secrets that many do not know how to take advantage of, these documents are gold mines for the generation of clicks since each page Give the user a new piece of content to click on.