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This is how the year Call of Duty: Mobile has started, all its news!

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile ended 2019 as one of the best games of the year and has started 2020 at the same pace. The best way to maintain the level is by introducing new features, and This 2020 has begun loaded with improvements in Call of Duty: Mobile, in addition to the third season of the game.

Through the official thread of the game on Reddit, Call of Duty: Mobile has unveiled its first update of the community of the year with all the news that comes to the title of Activision. Among other improvements we have the arrival of a mix of Battle Royale and multiplayer mode challenges, that allow to obtain new weapons and objects, but there has also been a balance in weapons much requested by the community.

Call of Duty: Mobile starts 2020 in style

The shooter par excellence very interesting news in this 2020, among them we have a new way of communicating with the user community. This is a small summary of all the news that has arrived in the few weeks that we took from 2020 to Call of Duty: Mobile:

  • New Prop Hunt mode
  • New BR sniper challenge mode
  • New Scorestreak – MQ-27 Dragonfire
  • New mode and challenge Stick & Stones
  • Scoring streak MQ-27 Dragonfire
  • Weapon balance
  • New designs
  • Solution of a large number of errors found and reported by users.

third season of Call of Duty: Mobile

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In addition to the company has taken the opportunity to thank the players for the Prop Hunt mode that was available during Christmas, many users have been shared your games in this mode through social networks.

The company has announced that there are still many improvements to reach Call of Duty: Mobile and he wants to bet on a new model that makes it easier to denounce those players who cheat in the game. There are still many surprises to come and we are eager to see them.