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The POCO X2 is official and confirms its arrival in February

It is official, we will have a new POCO smartphone, being the terminal that releases the brand as an independent label and that seems to be called POCO X2. The confirmation has come through social networks and also with a new website where they give us details of this release.

POCO X2, snapdragon and screen with high refresh rate

To start its journey outside the Xiaomi umbrella (although still being owned by the Chinese company), POCO has decided to warm the environment with a series of clues about the POCO X2, which seems to be its new device.

The POCO X2 is official and confirms its arrival in February

When accessing your website we can glimpse where the shots go, even if we do it from a mobile, since the first thing I will do is measure the refresh rate of your phone and “laugh at it”. To give you an idea, if your terminal works at 60 Hz, the first thing it will tell you is a question: What does it feel like to use a technology 20 years ago? If we do it from a 120Hz terminal, attack for the price, stating that you may have paid too much for your device.

This implies that the POCO X2 will have not only a screen with a high refresh rateIf not, I will do it at a lower price than what we have in the market.

In the little information that gives the page we can see that the POCO X2 have Snapdragn processor and a charging system that seems to work with water for cooling.

At the moment it is not much, but it seems that we will receive a drip of new information before official launch set for February 4, which of course we will be detailing.

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