The new Google keyboard button is transformed to help you

The new Google keyboard button is transformed to help you

When Android began its journey, the on-screen keyboard was not an obligation. Many manufacturers created models that had physical keyboards, such as HTC Dream itself, the first Android mobile.

But little by little that was disappearing and currently only Blackberry continues to manufacture relevant mobiles with a keyboard that is not virtual.

That is why third-party keyboards had a very large increase in use, although they have currently declined a lot. The reason? Google’s keyboard, Gboard

Like other services such as Gmail or Google Photos, the company that owns Android has not stopped allowing other developers to create alternatives but its proposal is, for many, the best. And now it is updated with a button that recognizes our needs.

The G button changes to help us

In recent weeks some users are seeing how their keyboard shows some different elements. Specifically, it is appreciated when we write certain things, in which the G button in the right area changes to suggest some elements and searches.

We don't have to do anything but the keyboard scans what we are looking for and suggests elements that may help us.

Sometimes it will be information of a famous person. In others it will be a sticker or an emoji of something we want to express.

Actually, the functionality is the same as before, but now we will know that there is something related to what we are writing without having to start a search proactively.

This function has appeared at various times throughout the summer but it has not been until these last days that several users have reported that they have been able to use it, although it is not yet official.

It is possible that Google will announce the news of Gboard, or at least launch them without much hype, in the event in which the Google Pixel will be discovered, on October 9.