The European Parliament confirms its majority support to the Nico charger

The European Parliament confirms its majority support to the Nico charger

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A few weeks ago it was announced that the European Union wanted all phones to use the same charger, which will mean the end of Apple Lightning cable. A company that has already explained what to use USB-C will give consumers and the economy. However, the European Parliament has confirmed its majority support to nico charger, so the pressure on Apple Lightning increases.

The members of the European Parliament have taken out a vote recently, that it has had a result of 582-40 in favor of a resolution that urges the European Commission, which writes the laws of the European Union, to ensure that European consumers are no longer obliged to buy new chargers with each new device, as reported from Reuters

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In this way, the Commission shall adopt new rules for July. The resolution also states that voluntary agreements in the industry had significantly reduced the number of types of chargers, but had not resulted in a common standard. The purpose of this measure is none other than that of reduce electronic waste and facilitate the lives of consumers.

Apple will be the company most affected by this measure

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According to the resolution, in 2016 the electronic waste was about 16.6 kilograms per inhabitant of the European Union, making a total of 12.4 million tons. The same resolution also mentions that the wireless charge could be beneficial in mitigating waste, but urges the Commission to adopt rules to ensure that Wireless chargers are able to charge a large number of devices different phones.

The European Commission has been pushing for a common charger for more than a decade. Majority support for the single shipper by the European Parliament endangers Apple's Lightning cable. In addition, a change to a common charger will affect the company of the bitten apple on a larger scale than any other, since most of its products work with its Lightning cable, while the Android use USB Type-C.

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