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The 5 best programs to make screenshots in Windows

How many times have you needed to take a screenshot and you have not known how to do it without taking out the mobile and have to settle for a photo that comes out with interference? This action, which is very common, can also be very simple with any of the best programs to make screenshots in Windows that we are going to compare in today's article.

Some of them are typical of the operating system; Others are external. All of them share the basic functionality of take a screenshot or screenshot, either total (for the whole page) or partial (selective screenshots or the visible part). The differences between them focus mainly on the options that offer you and others.

Best free programs to make screenshots in Windows

You need make a screenshot quickly to solve a specific situation or that is not for professional use for your company? Then be enough to use the Print key or Print Computer screen. Now, if you need to do several times or do it when using a specific program, then you will need extra help.

Lightshot, the lightest application

Why we highlight this screenshot program? Basically because it is a free tool that You can use both if you use Windows and Mac.

Its use is very simple and allows you select which area of ​​the screen you are currently viewing to perform the screenshot. A older, includes tools for a fast image editing (box, include text, underline …), and make a search for similar images on the internet (Very useful if you dedicate yourself to the verification of fake news and bugs type Maldita.es). You don't want to download the program? You can use Lightshot also as an extension of Firefox, Edge, Chrome and even Opera.

Greenshot, the opensource screenshot program

Greenshot one of the best app to make free pc screenshots

A third option if you prefer open source licensed programs (and without paying extra modules) is Greenshot. On this occasion, there is no extension for browsers, so You need to download the application directly to the computer.

This tool is especially Useful if you have to take screenshots of entire pages that have the scroll function enabled. The editor contains the necessary functionalities: comment, include arrows, mark text, or hide content.

Grabilla, an app for photo and video screenshots

Yes, just as you are reading. If you ever want to record a screen, Grabilla is one of the best programs to take screenshots in Windows. It even allows you to create animated GIFs or add comments to videos (type tutorials or videos how to).

We like it mostly because within its pull of possibilities the file cloud hosting service, which makes it easy to share them with other users (teams, clients, etc.). The image editor it's something basic but enough considering that it is a free tool to make screenshots.

Grabilla is available for both Windows and Android and iOS phones. There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox If you want to use it on the PC without downloading the program.

Best programs to make screenshots in Windows version freemium or paid

Snagit - best app to make Windows pc screenshots

Do these functions fall short for screen capture needs? Quiet, there are payment programs to make screenshots which add interesting functions.

Snagit, an app in Windows to capture image, video and websites

Do you work for an audit or training company? You may have noticed that the free tools to include screenshots in your reports fall short: videos in low quality, links that do not work, you cannot export to PDF, and a long etc. of options that you cannot access and that require you to use more programs.

With Snagit (from Techsmith, owner of Camtasia), you invest 51.60 but you get a image and video capturer, with built-in micro function, and that in the case of the capture of the pages, in addition to exporting them in PDF keeps you links.

In addition, the payment license allows you share the captures on social networks, link them to other programs or upload them to your own FTP, in addition to having the opportunity to edit the videos. All in one!

Pick Pick, a freemium tool for professional use

If you are a user of free applications, know that many of them, especially for do screenshots, limit their free versions for personal use. As soon as they detect that it is for professional use, they limit the functionalities (in a few cases, they can close your access, but it is very unusual).