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The 3 best Fire Decks with Clash Royale

Best decks with the Fire Launcher in Clash Royale

The Fire Launcher is the new Clash Royale card and has arrived to join the best decks. And how not to do it if it is currently one of the strongest cards in the game. So if you want to break the trophy record in Season 7, stay with us because we will tell you the 3 best decks with the Clash Royale Fire Launcher.

Remember that season 7 of Clash Royale not only brought this new card, but also has a very interesting Pass Royale, so we recommend you take a look.

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These are the 3 best decks with the Fire Launcher in Clash Royale

This time we wanted to bring you the 3 best decks that have the Fire Launcher among their cards. As vers, They are combinations already known but that are greatly enhanced for the inclusion of this. So watch out because most likely you are already using any of these.

Firefighter Crossbow

Crossbow with Fire Launcher "width =" 700 "height =" 350

This type of mallet is fast cycling and has the Crossbow as an indispensable card to win. That is, if you misuse it, you lose the game. Now, the rest of the cards are to defend your Crossbow.

Usually the Crossbow goes to the side of the bridge to destroy the rival tower, that's why your Tesla Tower must go near it to eliminate the troops that want to tear it down. The Trunk will help you defeat the terrestrial hordes that threaten your Crossbow.

The Skeletons and the Golem will make you cycle the fastest deck, as they will also help you defend the towers. Finally, the Fire Launcher has a fundamental role, because its damage in rea demolish any type of card that wants to eliminate your Crossbow.

Attentive to him elixir gatherer as boost the speed of your cycling. Thing that will make you win faster.

Golem with the Fire Launcher

Golem with Fire Launcher "width =" 700 "height =" 350

This is a slow cycling deck, so you should know how to use your cards, so don't use your crazy elixir. Here the winning combination is very clear: Golem + Night Witch + Fire Launcher. The idea is that one goes behind the other, respectively, to allow the Golem to reach the tower without enemy cards on the map.

The arrows, the Baby Dragn, the Goblin Gang and the Lightning will help you eliminate any type of enemy card, but that way, rooms with wisdom and do not run out of elixir. Finally The Reader is a mixed card, it can help you defend or make your main combo faster to any tower and do more damage.

Sparks with the Fire Launcher

Sparks with Fire Launcher "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Finally we have the classic deck Giant Goblin + Sparks + Dark Knight. Although it can also be Giant Goblin + Dark Knight, it all depends on the moment of departure. The first combination is much better when you have the elixir x2, then give Chispitas a chance to join with the other two cards. While the second option is better when you are in elixir x1.