SwiftKey exceeds the figure of 500 million installations


SwiftKey is one of the best keyboards for Android and yesterday the same could be confirmed by exceeding the 500 million installations in the Play Store. A keyboard that is not receiving as many novelties as it was a few years ago, but which is still in great shape.

And we can almost say that we are facing a of the best apps ever released on Android. In fact, it was finally bought by Microsoft to become the best predictive keyboard app, and it is almost never necessary to write when anticipating everything you are typing.

SwiftKey is an app that has also been pointed out by different manufacturers and that It has been preinstalled by many for being one of the best experience Generate from a mobile. Not only do we talk about being the one that offers the best predictive keyboard, but it is full of options.

Options like prediction of emojis, clipboard, Numeric keypad in the top row and many others who have given her the fame she has today. It even allows us to have two active languages ​​at the same time in order to respond in Spanish to some colleagues and others in English. Although it is not as fluid as Gboard or Samsung Keyboard, it does provide other advantages and that is why he writes it has been installed for many years.

If Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016 it is for something and these 500 million installations formalize what we have said: the best keyboard app you can get on your Android mobile. Now we hope that at some point it reaches those 1 billion installations and we can talk again about the great state of form in which it is located. We leave you with one of his latest news: the puppies.