Super Nintendo World will have interaction with wearables and an app

Super Nintendo World will have interaction with wearables and an app

This summer will come one of the most anticipated theme parks in Japan, Super Nintendo World. The initiative created thanks to Universal Studios and of course, Nintendo, will come to light the summer of this 2020 just in time for the next Olympic games. Recently it was announced that park attendants will have the possibility to interact with the park at the hands of technology, which makes it considerably more interesting.

Specifically it is a bracelet that as a smartband – his name is Power Up Band – You will communicate directly with a special application on our smartphone in order to record our activity throughout a visit and why not, also participate in coin collection game in the style of Mario Bros.

Within the application you can access an overview of the entire park as if we were in the Super Mario World video game. Perhaps this map also serves to show visitors the attractions with more people or even to inform about special events during their stay. It is thought that the collection of coins could be used to exchange them for some merchandise from Nintendo at the end of the visit.

There is not much to know in depth what can be seen in this great park and its arrival is also expected for Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore. Of course we can say that this project will be a success given the number of fans that Nintendo has both in Japan and around the world. How about? Will you visit it? I read you in the comments.

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