OnePlus One ya se puede comprar sin invitación cada martes

OnePlus One can now be purchased without invitation every Tuesday

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Once again, OnePlus has done it again, again we see how distributes its only terminal without the need for one of the acclaimed invitations. But this time it is something different, since it usually has us accustomed to launch this promotion during a single day or days and when it finishes we do not know the date of the next promotion, but this time something has changed.

Well yes, as you have been able to read, from today OnePlus One be available to buy without invitation every Tuesday. We do not know very well the reason for the chosen day, but it seems that this is not the most important, but that relatively the OnePlus One has a free sale to the public. Yes, we can only buy it without invitation on Tuesday, but to be able to do each and every one of them the thing changes, since if a week you can not do with it, I do not doubt that you make the purchase the following week.

As expected, the terminal will continue selling the rest of the week, with the less desired invitation. But one thing is certain, the star of the sales will be Tuesdays from now on.

oneplus one without invitation

Today, it is difficult to find a terminal with the quality / price ratio of OnePlus One, and this the company knows, so the reason for continuing with its restricted sales policy. But without a doubt this is a very important change for the company which may leave some doubts about why it does. At first glance and without investigating much, I can think of a possible terminal settlement to prepare the long-awaited by all OnePlus Two.

As I have said several times, you can buy the terminal every Tuesday starting today. In The promotion will be available from 9 in the morning Every Tuesday and last 24 hours, while in Los Angeles be from midnight when we can benefit from the promotion.

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What do you think of the OnePlus proposal? Do you also think they do it for some specific reason?