Official Samsung Galaxy S20 cases leaked ┬╗ERdC

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 cases leaked ┬╗ERdC

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 cases leaked

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The next flagship series of the Samsung company is very close to making its official presentation. The Galaxy S20 series will have its launch in February; this during the Unpacked event that is planned. The Galaxy S20 It is presented as the successor to the Galaxy S10 series. Shortly after the launch of the series; several leaks have arisen, and even, the official case of the device has been shown.

Through Twitter were shared by @ ishanagarwal24 some images where you can see the covers and covers of the Galaxy S20 series Smartphone. In the Tweet several images are attached where the accessories for the Smartphone are shown; and it is said that these are compatible with three different models; which resemble the official cases and covers of the Galaxy S10 last year.

According to the images, the first is a thin case; This has a rugged design for better protection of the device; The case also has a support built into the back of the device. One of the covers has a transparent cover with an area similar to a window on the flap. The window area allows you to portray useful information from the Smartphone; this even when the screen is covered, including time, notifications, battery and more. The last of the covers follows the traditional design of Samsung's LED cover. The flap has LED lights that cover the front where the time is shown.

However, these accessories have not been officially confirmed by the company; but the renders could be a true representation of the product. A protective foot cover, an LED View cover and a Clear View cover were used to describe these filtered covers and covers. We will have to wait for the official pronouncement by Samsung to indicate the officiality of the covers; and to confirm their names. For any new information, we will be attentive to bring it to you.

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