Motorola manages to sell 100 million units of Moto G

Motorola manages to sell 100 million units of Moto G

Motorola Moto G7 Plus, bright blue back

There is no doubt that Motorola is by itself one of the most influential technology companies. Its history is worthy of being known, not in vain we can say that they were at the time the “parents” of mobile phones and were even about to buy from a firm as important as Huawei.

And although today the company is on everyone's lips due to its future and interesting launch, the Motorola RAZR folding, there is no doubt that Motorola's true success was the Moto G, a device that revolutionizes the mid-range and low-end Android market overnight.

7 years later, Motorola manages to sell 100 million Moto G

Moto G7

When they asked us about an economic telephone seven years ago, our response was always the same: the Motorola Moto G. At its spectacular price, we had to add quite interesting hardware and, above all, Android Stock.

To date, many models of the range have been presented, some more successfully than others everything is said, but it is evident that all of them were always in the rankings of best mid-range models.

As well, Motorola has managed to reach 100 million units sold as we can read in Android Central. It is true that other larger companies such as Apple, Huawei or Samsung can achieve these figures in much less time, but we must take into account the situation in which Motorola was.

The firm has managed to reinvent itself after a rather complicated years. We must also add the fierce competition that Chinese phones have made, especially in the most economical ranges. Despite this, Motorola has been able to stand firm and make its mobile phones continue to fall in love with both users and critics.

Now it is the turn of the RAZR, and although it is a phone that moves away from what Motorola had accustomed us so far, the truth is that we have an incredible desire to put your hand on it.

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