Moto RAZR may have bumps on its screen

Moto RAZR may have bumps on its screen

One of the biggest unknowns of the new shell-type smartphones is how they resist their screen. Everyone knows the problems that afflicted the Galaxy Fold, to the point of requiring specific notices about its correct use. With a smaller screen and supposedly improved, it seemed that the "shell" format will improve the experience.

The Motorola RAZR may present bumps on its screen

Motorola will shortly launch its new RAZR, the first folding shell-type smartphone to reach the market. So far the first impressions have left very good feelings, both in its use and in its design, but we still have to know how to endure the day to day.

motorola razr - packages on the RAZR screen

Like Samsung did with the Fold, Motorola has posted on YouTube a video with a series of tips to keep the RAZR screen. Among them it is clear that we should not use screen protectors, avoid putting your screen in contacts with sharp objects and make sure to close the terminal before storing it in your pocket.

However there is a warning that attracts attention, and that is according to Motorola bumps and bumps may appear on the RAZR screen, but that this is normal given the flexible nature of the screen itself. It is not clear what type of packages is being spoken, whether it is in the crease area or after a long period of use.

Of course it is something that we should take with caution while waiting for clarifications from Motorola, since it is possible that it refers to long-term deformities and specific points. Hopefully the company clarifies this point. In the meantime it leaves us some video of the RAZR experience that you can see below.

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