Monster launches application to share bluetooth at CES

Monster launches application to share bluetooth at CES

monster app share bluetooth ces 2020 06

How many hearing aid manufacturers can you remember?

Perhaps there will not be as many as you remember as those who, knowing their existence, cannot remember their name. It is so: it is a market that enjoys excellent health, and proof of this are the constant launches that do not cease. Because not only AirPods lives the world, luckily or unfortunately.

There are companies that manufacture headphones, and there are companies like Monster, which extend their products to everything that has to do with sound, bluetooth and wireless connections. This morning in Las Vegas we have attended an entertaining presentation of this company that wants to position itself in a market that already seems quite crowded. And how? Well, in the only possible way: innovating.

Sometimes, the definition and ways of carrying out what is defined coincide in terms of innovation. For example, when we know something new and think: how did this happen to anyone before? And Monster here is committed to something obvious: share your Bluetooth connections.

monster app share bluetooth ces 2020 01All these headphones are sharing the same Bluetooth

Historically, Bluetooth was designed for people to listen in isolation. The Monster’s Music Share product line, developed in conjunction with Wearhaus, allows multiple listeners to enjoy the same experience at the same time. “The headphones are, by design, insulators: you disconnect from the world, but you also disconnect from your friends. So far there has never been a good way to listen to music or watch movies with friends in a public space, ”said Richie Zeng, co-founder and CEO of Wearhaus.

Music Share precisely allows multiple Bluetooth devices to play audio in synchronization, it is the result of a partnership between MultiLink LLC and Bay Area startup Wearhaus. “This technology completely redefines how Bluetooth headphones can be used: field trips, exercise classes, family trips and more. Create completely new ones for social interaction, ”said Noel Lee, CEO of Monster and owner of MultiLink.



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The Music Share application allows users to designate which headphones will receive the same audio signal, allowing multiple music sources in the same area. “We have incorporated the MultiLink technology so that it does not affect the retail cost. We would like to see this technology incorporated in multiple brands, bringing the benefits of Music Share to other headphone manufacturers, ”said Noel Lee.

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