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lolgratis, Every Day gives a Fun Video Totally Free on your iPad

Who said that all apps have to be boring?

Every day thousands of applications for our iPad arrive at the App Store and rarely surprise us, but we have to admit it, this time we have laughed to discover lolgratis. These coughs are really crazy !, without a doubt one of the funniest and craziest apps you'll find in the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad.

What's all this about?

The concept of lolgratis is simple: every day they select a funny sper video from the Internet and send it to your iPad totally free.

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The application allows you to see the last five videos that have gone up, and the ones that we have been able to see so far are the typical videos in which you leave fails & wins, compilations of falls and owneds, and the well-known cat videos that everyone likes so much.

All the videos are of great quality and good durability, so With lolgratis you make sure that every day you will have a good time totally free, and this, in the times that run, is not to say little precisely …

How does lolgratis work?

The concept of lolgratis is simple, provide a fun time to all users who have the app installed on their iPad or iPhone. As I commented above, the app lets you see the last five videos they have published, but we will also be notified every time they publish a new one, if we want expensive. The app makes use of notifications push and in case we have them activated we will receive a notification of the app and that means that it is time to stop for a few minutes and enjoy a good time with a new video.

A great idea that allows you to stop for a while and enjoy a few minutes of laughter, something that anyone would appreciate.

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