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iPhone with interchangeable lens camera? Apple already has a patent on it

Interchangeable iPhone LensesUSPTO

It must be recognized that, both in video recording and in photo capture, the iPhone is one of the best phones on the market. Over the years, it has gone from being a phone without a camera to having one recognized by professionals, to the point that it has allowed create campaigns with your photographs and movies with your videos. However, as in everything, competition continues to advance, and Apple cannot afford to stay behind in something so fundamental to its public.

Thus, those of Cupertino remain working to maintain the excellence of the iPhone in the photographic aspect, and want to bring a fundamental function of the professional cameras, the interchangeable objectives. One of the great advantages of DSLRs is that you can change its objectives to adapt the camera to any situation. In the case of phones, this is possible in some ways with accessories, but the same quality is not achieved as with a native solution.

For this reason, according to the patent shared by Cult of Mac, Apple is working on a system to be able to change the camera objectives of our phone. The system in question will be similar to the one used by reflex cameras, allowing you to quickly change the lens without special complications. In this way, we can not only significantly improve the quality of our photographs, but we can also bring options as an anamrphic video lens.

iPhone 11 Pro

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At the moment, as is often the case with these patents, it is not possible to know with certainty whether we will have at any time what the design shows. So, the best we can do is keep using the dozens of accessories which offer us great versatility to improve the already great quality of the iPhone and achieve the best shots.