If you like ASMR, you need this phone in your life

If you like ASMR, you need this phone in your life

ASMR It is the acronym in English with an autonomous sensory meridian response, a pleasant tingling sensation that runs through the head and reaches the top of the spine.

If you are a fan of ASMR, you know that YouTube channels abound specialized in it, but if what you are looking for is an immediate access that does not depend on your Internet connection, there is good news for you.

LG reported that its engineers have worked in a function for the LG G8X ThinQ which expands the limits of what a phone can do with audio recording.

Before continuing, if you still do not know what the ASMR with your brain, we suggest you put on headphones, turn on the sound and play the (pleasant) video from below:

The users of G8X ThinQ they can maximize microphone sensitivity just by pressing a button while recording a video. Then the mode ASMR The telephone digitizes the analog sounds to minimize the errors of the source of origin, and the result is a quality so clear and clean that – in words of LG – it is a purer audio than any that has been recorded with smartphone to date.

To get the sound level that YouTube's ASMR videos presume, the engineers were during months recording, listening, adjusting and re-recording hundreds of objects, from sticky liquid to vegetable sponges, in different types of environments before being satisfied with the quality of the technology implemented.

The LG G8X ThinQ It is already in Mexico.

It is a device whose particularity is to have two screens (It actually has three, but one is small and only serves to receive notifications).

For the company, one of the advantages of having a phone with two screens and not a flexible one is that two apps can run separately in a comfortable way to save costs significantly, since this phone is much cheaper than the flexible equipment that already They are in the market.

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