How to see Antena 3 or La Sexta from abroad

Antena 3 and LaSexta are two of the most popular broadcast channels in Spain. Currently, both belong to the same group called Atresmedia. Other chains such as Neox, Mega or Nova also belong to this group.

All channels can be viewed online through a platform called Atresplayer. Through it you can access different types of content. On the one hand you can see what they are broadcasting live on each of the channels, and on the other, see content on streaming as documentaries, series or movies.

The first thing you will have to do is download the application on your mobile, tablet or portable device or open a browser to access the Atresplayer's website. Although this is free, the next step will require a paid subscription, since you will not be able to access the content otherwise.

The Subscription is 1.99 per month, something that seems like a good offer because it allows you to access a wide variety of content that you can see when and where you want.

How to see Antena 3 or La Sexta from abroad

Now, you have already subscribed and you have downloaded the application of Atresplayer, but a message appears indicating that the content you are trying to access is not available in your territory.

This means that you are surely outside Spain. Due to legal issues of licenses and agreements, a large part of the content broadcast on the Atresplayer channels limits its broadcast to certain territories.

However, if this is your situation, there is still hope. Thanks to a VPN connection you can change the location from which you connect. (Note that this is against the terms and conditions of the platform).

There is a great variety of recommended VPN services, but according to our experience, our favorites are NordVPN or ExpressVPN In the list you will find paid VPN, but also for free. Many times it is not necessary to pay extra, but if you want to benefit from a more exclusive service, we recommend the payment option.

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