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Extraordinary Ones is simply an extraordinary MOBA

An entire arrival of Extraordinary Ones, the MOBA of Netease that wants to anticipate the departure from League of Legends of Riot Games and thus give a big punch on the table and make yourself feel. And the truth that I could not have done better, because we are facing what will be one of the online of the year.

Let them tremble the kings of online multiplayer, and we even talk about PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, because these types of games are capable of attracting the attention of millions. And above all for the great quality that this game treasures and that overflows on all sides. Let's give a little to this MOBA that looks like a fable.

Extraordinary Ones

We have been missing a real MOBA (that we do not want to despise the existing ones, but it is what there is) like this Extraordinary Ones and that imitate the gameplay of titles such as League of Legends or DOTA itself. And the truth that from the first moment already a great relationship begins to be forged which we are going to take with this new MOBA.

Extraordinary Ones

And we have said that the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite tremble for a fact: the Extraordinary Ones games they are neither short nor long, and they stay in 10-15 minutes. We say this because it is the perfect game for that player who has his life, his jobs and more things and also does not want to put aside the best online games of the moment; and it goes against the two mentioned that in the classic mode of PUBG nobody takes away the 30 minutes per game, and if you throw two or more …

Returning to Extraordinary Ones, we are before a 5V5 MOBA with a very extensive map, at the same time as the most traditional MOBAS and that has a great job, look where you look. If we add that Netease is becoming a classic, and that is developing hand in hand Diablo Immortal with Blizzard, we already have a game with the base set to be one of the best this year.

Like LOL, in Extraordinary Ones you will be able to get new heroes that allow you to be an assassin, support, tank or an entire authentic DPS. If we already have that great variety of series with the world launch, I don't even want to imagine when new updates arrive.

Extraordinary Ones

The gameplay is very recognized, and we have to conquer the towers to eliminate those of the enemy as he will try to do the same. The thing is to be able to reach the final tower and eliminate it. But for this we will have to go before the mobs of the enemy and the intense fighting that we will face.

At the moment we have not noticed not a whit of lack of performance, which already allows us to see where Extraordinary Ones is going. We can add all that freemium with cosmetic objects that we know in the other online games mentioned and that puts the lace to be a MOBA more than round.

Technically and visually it is spectacular

Extraordinary Ones

Then we stay too in love with his visual aesthetics to cell shading and that is not even perfect. It is incredible the visual quality that is reached today in a mobile and we can say that Extraordinary Ones takes a step forward leaving a bit in the gutter to titles such as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile itself. And even that visual quality is taken to the games.

Extraordinary Ones

And that is where the strong point is to be very dynamic, very careful animations and a whole series of visual effects so that our screen becomes a light show. We are in a very careful MOBA and that because it has been launched regionally it reaches the final version in a great state of form. Now to wait for updates.

If you are looking for fast multiplayer games online you have from today a great game with Extraordinary Ones, a MOBA that will make things very difficult for League of Legends. It will all depend on what it takes for Riot Games to launch its game to the market. For now, to vitiate!

Editor's opinion

Extraordinary Ones

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

  • Portability (size / weight)


  • Excellent in graphic and technical level
  • Matches that hook against other players
  • It is what a MOBA is
  • The use of cell shading we love

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Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA

Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA

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