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Can Apple products be returned?

Receiving an Apple product is always a pleasure, especially if it is a gift for which you have not had to pay. However, it may be the case that the product is not to your liking, either because you think you will not use it or because you already have another similar device.

In these cases, it is best to return or exchange the product. In this article we offer you the different options and methods available to change an Apple product or exchange it for another.

What Apple products can be returned?

While Apple is willing to change or refund any purchase made in its physical stores or on-line Without a reason other than the decision not to want it, there is a great exception.

If the gift you have received has been personalized, such as a recorded iPad, you cannot return it because the device cannot be sold to another customer.

Of course, if it is defective, then it is a different matter, since it is covered by the normal return policy for defective products (even if it has been customized).

How to return items in the Apple Store

If you want to return a device purchased at one of Apple's physical stores, the procedure is the same as any other establishment: you must bring, in addition to the product, the original receipt, the packaging and all the accessories that are included.

This can only be done up to 14 days after purchase. Obviously, the items must be in perfect condition for Apple to accept the exchange or refund.

Although Apple is a global company, items can only be returned in stores in the country where they were purchased.

If it was another person who paid for the product with a credit or debit card, you will have to accompany you, since a refund can only be issued to the card that was originally charged.

The exchanges are classified in the same category, so the person will have to make the trip.

If it is a case of wanting a different color from the same device, or switching to a larger capacity storage option, we recommend that you call your local store and explain it to the staff, since it is likely that in this case Do not need to be accompanied by the person who paid for the product.

To find the contact details of the different branches and Apple Store in Spain, Click on this link and enter the name of your city or town.

In cases of software, memory and other means you can only get a refund if the box does not open. Otherwise, Apple will offer you a change for another unit of the same product.

Return of items purchased at the Apple Store on-line

If you bought the Apple product online, you will have some more time to carry out the refund.

If you decide not to keep the gift, you should ask the person who bought it to go to the Apple order status site and log in with your account. Here you will find a list of all purchases of Apple products and the option to start the return process.

As long as you indicate in your Apple Store account that you want to return the product before 14 days have elapsed since the purchase, you will have another 14 days to organize a collection or leave the item at one of Apple's collection points.

These are scattered throughout the country and usually take the form of newsagents or local supermarkets.

Once the return has been fixed, you can print an address label to put on the box. The charges will be made through a messenger service that allows the programming of a period of four hours within which the product will be collected.

Alternatively, items left at a collection point must be deposited within five days of the start of the return process.

If you prefer to talk to someone instead of relying on the service offered by the website, you can contact the Apple Store customer service, which will handle the return. Remember that you should have on hand the web order number of the article.

Apple declares that once the merchandise has been safely received in its warehouse, the refund will be made within 5 to 7 days.

Holiday return policy

Due to the frantic nature of the Christmas season and because people buy many gifts for others, Apple offers a longer return period for purchases.

Items purchased between November 14 and December 25, 2018 may be returned until January 8, 2019. These must conform to the normal conditions mentioned above, but the extra time makes it easier to buy a gift for someone In Christmas.

If you need more detailed information about Apple's terms of return, we recommend you click on this link to Visit the official Apple website.

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