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Are we facing the end of the Instagram hegemona?

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A good photo with a spectacular horizon, to be able to be on a paradisaca island, the moment in which we embark on the plane, to be able to also be towards an exotic destination We all know well the ins and outs of Instagram and how this social network has become a showcase in which to put our most beautiful side. The representation of triumph and happiness, of personal achievement, and why not, give our followers a little envy. This cult of vanity has become the main engine of social networks, and some profiles become even grotesque in this regard, incorporating deep pseudo phrases to wrap more if the profile fits into a mystical aura. Yes, we talk about Instagram, the social phenomenon of the moment.

But all this could have the days counted, or that is at least what a very solvent source thinks in the matter: the same Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat. The fire was started by the businessman in an intervention in the framework of Digital Life Design (DLD), where he said that TikTok (the popular heir of Musical-ly) could dethrone Instagram. This apocalyptic prediction will sound like a joke if not because it comes from one of the people who best knows the sector, and also justifies his words.

Vanity as a propellant

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The truth is that Spiegel's words are already based: TikTok has already removed Instagram as the most downloaded application, and as Business Insider suggests, it has become a serious threat to Facebook. What is happening exactly? To understand it, we will travel very little in time to commemorate the launch of Instagram Stories. That was a giant step by Facebook in its struggle for a segment of the market in which it beats precisely with Snapchat. The coup was not definitive, but s turned the world of social networks upside down.

However, both Snapchat and Instagram, too busy in their hard struggle, have not seen a third opponent that can take everything: TikTok (once, Musical-ly) is the majority tool of the so-called Generacin Z, occupied by teenagers and pre teens of our day. Why is this nascent user niche turning its back on Instagram? According to Spiegel, TikTok offers a reward still superior to those who seek to feed vanity and what is Instagram or TikTok if not that?

Facebook in trouble?

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Spiegel takes his particular revenge by affirming something that makes a lot of sense: TikTok, by its configuration, is a platform where its users record videos doing what they do best: sing, dance or any other talent you want to demonstrate. In this tool the reward is faster and there is no doubt that creativity and talent are stimulated much more; It cannot be said that the same thing happens with Instagram, where any photo can be used to show your followers what you are doing that moment.

If you remember, it was only a few months ago that Facebook announced the concealment of likes on Instagram with the aim of curbing the psychological impact that a low level of likes could have on certain users; However, with that decision we ignored the other cause that Facebook used when adopting this decision: to increase the quality of the content. And now we understand the keys to this measure: better content, more feedback from the followers and a greater hook to the product.

The truth is that Facebook, today, does not have much to do to reverse this trend. Maybe buy TikTok? This will be the fastest way to solve the problem, but it seems they tried and it was not possible. It is rumored that Mark Zuckerberg himself spent six months of his time in 2016 trying to acquire – without success, logically – Musical-ly, predicting what was coming.

And now what?

Instagram scrambles like a belly-up cat to avoid the bleeding of users from one platform to another and we are sure that Facebook will delight us with new functions and acquisitions. And this is to be an itchy battle. What happen? It is very difficult to know due to the free will that governs generational interests and that makes managing a product on the Internet practically impossible.

What we are sure of is that Facebook does not give this war a loss at any time, and it should be remembered that the brand leads with iron hand the download lists of all the app stores in the world with its different apps. The most logical thing is that Zuck and his team continue to extend checkbooks to see if they manage to bend the will of the TikTok owners, and if this is not possible, prepare for a tiktok added to Instagram as spin-off or parallel product.

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