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Android games of the week are still alive in 2017

The weekend arrives and, with it, free time to rest and play. Welcome to a new edition of the best Android games of the week, a section where you can meet new games to have fun with our phone.

First Friday of the year, and we start it on the day of the Magi. Surely more than one is celebrating this day with gifts. If you haven't received anything, don't worry, here we have games to have fun with on your mobile

Mine Blitz

Mine Blitz is a game ideal for one-handed play. With retro graphics and monotonous music, we embody a miner whom we must help to reach the bottom of the mine.

A tremendously addictive game as the miner moves continuously from left to right and vice versa. Our only mission is to touch the screen to lower the floor. At the beginning it is affordable, but as we advance levels it will become increasingly complicated.

Mine Blitz is a free game with micropayments.


monster-truck "width =" 750 "height =" 421 "srcset =" 750w, https: // 450w, .jpg 768w, 958w "sizes =" (max-width: 750px) 100vw, 750px "/></p><p>It is not a joke, but a too literal translation of the developers. Its original title is <strong>Monster Truck Kids</strong>, and it is a children's video game in which we control this type of cars in 2D races.</p><p>We have two buttons, one to accelerate and another to brake. And cars have eyes that give them that charisma that the little ones in the house like.</p><p><strong><em>Monster Truck Kids is a free game with micropayments.</em></strong></p><h2>Blast blitz</h2><p><center></center></p><p>Blast Blitz is a game <strong>based on the popular Bomberman</strong>. We are in a maze full of walls and enemies, where our main ally is the bombs.</p><p>When we place a bomb, it destroys what is nearby, whether walls, enemies or even ourselves, so we will have to be careful when placing the bombs.</p><p><strong><em>Blast Blitz is a free game with advertising.</em></strong></p><h2>Galaxy Fleet: Alliance War</h2><p><center></center></p><p>Galaxy Fleet is a real-time strategy title, with a graphic style that <strong>reminds us a lot of Starcraft</strong> (Although we fear that it stays in the similar).</p><p>We will have to get resources, recruit units and conquer territories (represented as hexagonal cells). Each planet will be occupied by other players who will fight for dominance.</p><p><strong><em>Galaxy Fleet: Alliance War is a free game with micropayments.</em></strong></p><h2>Turbo League</h2><p><center></center></p><p>Have you ever played Rocket League? It is one of the best video games that came out in 2015, and stands out for giving a twist to football, turning players into cars, <strong>becoming a title madness</strong>.</p><p>Turbo League drinks directly from Rocket League, to the point that we could consider it as a clone of it. A gameplay just as fun as the original title, although somewhat more complicated to play due to touch controls.</p><p><strong><em>Liga Turbo is a free game with micropayments.</em></strong></p><p></p><div class=

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