YouTube has good news for TV users and consoles

YouTube has good news for TV users and consoles

With three developments in its mobile application YouTube has closed the 2019 season, which optimize the experience with devices such as televisions and video game consoles.

The first one is voice search, which can now be used while streaming to your TV, and is available on devices equipped with Android and iOS.

We hope this new feature allows you to more easily search for your favorite YouTube content on your TV, commented on the support blog one of the community managers of the Google subsidiary, who identified himself as Hazel.

Another new feature is "Who's watching" (Whos Watching), which allows you to switch between different YouTube profiles linked to the device.

That way, the company explained, everyone can access their own personalized recommendations, subscriptions and catch up with their favorite creators.

See an updated navigation menu on the left side of the screen, which facilitates access to your favorite pages, such as music, news and games. Look from which account you have logged in in the upper left corner, above the menu, detall.

The company warned that if you try to stream or open the YouTube application on TV twice during the same day, you will be assigned the last account in which you started.

Finally, YouTube highlighted the expansion of support for more devices and screen resolutions.

At the beginning of 2019, we launched the official YouTube application on Amazon Fire TV devices, giving its users access to a diverse library of video content that includes music, instructional videos, entertainment, news, games and, of course, all of your youtubers favorites, record.

The app also works with Alexa, which makes it easier to watch all YouTube videos on Fire TV, he added.

The news is that now you can also see these contents in HDR on PS4 and PS4 Pro, thanks to which the videos will be displayed with more vivid colors and contrasts.

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