Xiaomi Teaser suggests that the Mi Notebook be redesigned ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi Teaser suggests that the Mi Notebook be redesigned ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi Teaser suggests that the Mi Notebook be redesigned

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During the first month of 2020 we received a lot of interesting information about Xiaomi. We have data on what to offer the future Xiaomi Mi 10 series. However, there is also news on other types of products. The company published a poster as a teaser that understand that the My Notebook series receive a redesign this year.

The first product of the My Notebook series had its launch in 2016; since then there has been no major change in the design of the models of laptops that have had their launch so far. Because of the similar design presented by all Notebook models; It is difficult to distinguish which is first, second or third generation. This is something that Xiaomi seems to be looking to modify this year.

Apart from changes and updates in the device hardware; The new Notebook could also present a great change in its design. There is a high probability that the bezels around the screen are trimmed; this in such a way that all four sides are equal and are at their minimum level.

This design style is not new for Xiaomi since the RedmiBook has presented a similar one; which provides the device with a full screen design. The full screen design makes the computer look smaller; however it generates an additional display space to the screen. Optimization and hardware are also expected to be superior to those of RedmiBook. We are looking forward to more details of the next Mi Notebook 2020 model in the coming days.

Surely soon we will be in the presence of more confirmations of the Notebook by Xiaomi. In the next few days we could be in the presence of the revelation of several features and specifications of the new device, so stay tuned for our next news.

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