Xiaomi, POCO and realme face in social networks

Xiaomi, POCO and realme face in social networks

Realme in blue

Disputes and trolleys between brands on social networks have always been frequent. Nobody has forgotten the bite between Huawei and Samsung or when Apple itself mocked Google by placing a provocative sign. Now, this week we have witnessed a rather peculiar confrontation that shows that there are no "friendships" between companies in the same country.

The protagonists have been Xiaomi, realme and POCO, and of course the battlefield has been the social network of Twitter. Xiaomi and POCO they have accused the young brand realme of being a mere copy of their terminals and for this they have used a video of the funny Mr. Bean. Xiaomi accusing of being copied? How everything has changed …

This has been the discussion between Xiaomi, POCO and realme

As we can read in Gadgets Now, after Xiaomi accused realme of copying everything the brand doeshas been the Gerente general POCO in India was the last to join the party. For this he has used the video of a chapter of Mr. Bean in which the protagonist is seen trying to copy his companion from the side in an examination by all possible and imaginable means.

Although seen this way we could think that we are facing a simple trolley of the managers of the brands, the issue seems somewhat more serious. Xiaomi even affirms that it has really bought certain influencers to speak well of the brand and that despite the fact that it actually also shows advertisements on its terminals – something that was criticized for Xiaomi at the time -, it seems that no medium is interested in dealing with this controversial fact.

Of course I really did not remain silent and his own CEO criticized Xiaomi's attitude as follows: A truly innovative brand and a market leader will not behave as well ”.

How things have changed. Formerly it was Xiaomi who was accused of copying other brands such as Apple. Not only were their terminals very similar in design, but they even got to use material from Cupertino's own company to announce their Memojis. Now it is Xiaomi herself who calls other brands “copions” and they have even launched campaigns on YouTube to denounce the fakes of their products.

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