WhatsApp takes a critical balance about its vulnerabilities

WhatsApp takes a critical balance about its vulnerabilities

The WhatsApp messenger platform had a 2019 for security oblivion, as revealed by a Financial Times report, which based on the National Vulnerability Database of the United States, found 12 critical episodes during the past year , increasing almost 80% over the same attacks in 2018.

Even more serious, is that of those twelve episodes of vulnerabilities, seven of them were evaluated by this agency as critical and with a high commitment to privacy and user data.

A security expert cited by the media, Marc Rogers, vice president of cybersecurity at Okta, revealed some causes of this explosive increase in cases of violations.

“The fact that they found… serious vulnerabilities in 2019 but did not find them before does not mean they simply appeared.Many of them were probably sitting there all that time, and there is a high probability that they were being exploited. ”

Somehow the expert shows that these security breaches may have appeared in previous years, but only in 2019 they exploded on some users' computers.

Of course, there are some worrying cases, such as the hacking that Jeff Bezos suffered through WhatsApp and also the Israeli firm NSO that has admitted to working for several world governments in the sale of Pegasus software, which precisely through messages and attachments violates cellular computers and install files with spyware or malware.

The messenger service owned by Facebook has not wanted to stay behind in security, so it has applied verification in two steps and in one of its latest security additions, allowing users to register their fingerprint to access their conversations .

WhatsApp that s confirmed that all the vulnerabilities reported in the database were repaired before being revealed.

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