what is it and how to start playing

what is it and how to start playing

The success of the game has been such that those of Etermax have launched with their evolution: Asked 2 is the renewed game that brings a new interface Better resolved and more visual. In this new version, we still have the same objective than in the first: beat our opponents in a intellectual battle. We will win the game at the moment in which we gather all the characters of each of the above mentioned categories. That said, we will see how to start the application and discover all the options that this fun game includes, in addition to explaining its gameplay more in depth.

The first thing we should do, be to download the application from the Play Store, whose link you will find in the following drawer:

Asked 2

Asked 2

The game has a weight of 100MB, so we must ensure that we have enough space in our mobile device. Once downloaded, we must start the game. On the main screen nothing more activated, it asks us to let's start session with our email or with Facebook, If we don't have a Facebook account, we just have to register with our email from Google.

With the session started, we will go to main menu, where we will see our profile, in which the different options of the game. On the one hand, we have our profile picture, next to our name and email, above the indicator of experience (star icon) and our medals (tower icon), which are obtained by fighting in Duel de Torres. Also, we find a section of Wheel of Fortune, that offer us a free shot every day, being able to obtain several useful prizes during the games. In parallel, we find the section of missions, what to offer us rewards If we overcome them.

At the bottom of the screen, we find five mens different, just below the play button that starts the games. The central menu is the menu of start, which is where we normally meet. The first button starting on the left is the button on the store, where they offer us facilities to advance the game in exchange for money. The next button shows us our Pending matches, as well as the games finished and the option of start a new. On the right we are at one end with the World ranking and the local, in which we can see the best players from around the world, as well as the best teams. Attached to that button, we have the button equipment, which work like clans in other games, and have the ability to up to 50 players. We can create our own team or join an already created one.

Different game modes

To play a game, we just have to press the button TO PLAY on the home screen, and give us Three game options:

The classic mode it's the one of a lifetime where will play in turns against friends or opponents random, and the player who before obtains all the faces of each category wins (if you don't fail any questions, you can get them all from the pull).

The tower duel mode It is played in real time, we will have 7 attempts in a limited time, and if we win we provide tower medals to be able to bet them in this game mode and win or lose them according to the victories or defeats we get.

Finally, the daily challenge It is a single player and allows you to answer a series of questions without stopping. If you are wrong, you start over. If you have a streak of x questions answered without fail, they will offer you different prizes as a reward.