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Vimeo for Android already allows us to broadcast live and record videos


Not only does YouTube live the man, although it is the most used platform worldwide to search for videos of any kind, since anyone you can upload them for free. A couple of years ago, Vimeo changed his business model to try to distance himself from YouTube.

The Vimeo video platform is aimed at a more professional audience, where they can exhibit their work or create projects for customers collaboratively. Vimeo wants to go a little further to offer a plus to its customers and has just added an important novelty in the Android version.

Before the launch of the last update, the Vimeo Android application not only allowed us to access the videos available on the platform, but also allowed us Upload videos to share them publicly or privately.

Now it also allows us not only record videos but also allow us to broadcast live, a new function that will undoubtedly thank all those who trust this platform as an alternative to the giant YouTube.

Obviously, and as I said above, use Vimeo as a platform to publish our videos it's not free. The function that allows us to broadcast live videos is only available through the Premium service, whose price reaches 70 euros / 75 dollars per month.

The function that allows us to record videos offers us the same options as the camera of our smartphone How to use the front or rear camera, activate or deactivate the flash but also mute the sound and show an overlay in the video. It also includes seven filters to customize our creations and limit the editing on our device to the maximum.

Although this function is appreciated, if you usually record videos with your smartphone to upload them to this platform, it is very likely to continue using the same as until now, since The quality offered by this new function leaves much to be desired.