This is Forpheus, an authentic ace of table tennis

This is Forpheus, an authentic ace of table tennis

OMRON has arrived at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibiting a series of automated mechanisms, including an authentic table tennis prodigy known as Forpheus.

With the intention of emphasizing the harmony reached between humans and machines, OMRON has received attendees at CES 2020 so they could talk with experts and interact with the company's latest innovations in robotics, object detection and artificial intelligence (AI).

"The fundamental principle of OMRON is to improve lives and contribute to a better society, that is the cornerstone of our business," said Nigel Blakeway, executive director of OMRON Corporation. "At CES 2020, we invite attendees to interact with our robots, experiencing firsthand how they can communicate and benefit from OMRON technologies in the industry, in society and in their personal lives."

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The truth is that Forpheus is already a celebrity at CES. This table tennis tutor comes to show the evolution that these machines have experienced, whose fundamental function is to help the development of human potential. Forpheus represents OMRON Sensing & Control + Think: AI technology designed to study, learn, evaluate and improve every day.

In its third appearance at CES, Forpheus is demonstrating advanced capabilities to learn and teach human players. Through OMRON's collaboration with Square Enix, the improved sixth-generation AI uses Square Enix's Meta-AI technology, which allows Forpheus to recognize and react to the emotions of his human partner, thus configuring more personalized training capabilities .

Forpheus captures the emotions of his teammates in real time and adjusts the speed of his blows in response to the motivation and skill of the human player in front. In other words, Forpheus is not competing to win, but to encourage player improvement.

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"Like any good coach, Forpheus now recognizes the emotional state and motivation level of a player, being better equipped to help players achieve maximum performance," said Mike Chen, director of Automation Center Americas at OMRON Automation Americas . "This smart technology can be used to teach skills and unlock human potential. It can also be used to save lives in settings such as nursing homes, where assessing emotions is essential to provide a timely response."

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