The Witcher leads Netflix growth during 2019

The Witcher leads Netflix growth during 2019

A fourth quarter was Netflix in 2019, not only with the spectacular premiere of The Witcher, but all the avalanche that caused in its user growth figures and economic numbers.

According to the same company based in Los Gatos, California, the end of 2019 surprised them with 167 million paid subscribers and 8.8 million new subscribers in the last three months, which is more than 7.6 million new users who have forecast.

Along the same lines, projections for 2020 indicate that Netflix expects more than 7 million new subscribers, despite the competition from Disney Plus that debuted in November 2019 with good entry levels and Apple TV, Amazon and the premiere in May 2020 of HBO Max.

The Witcher factor

One of the keys to the success of the last months of 2019 for the company of Reed Hastings, was the premiere of the fantasy series The Witcher, which according to figures published by the streaming platform, was seen by 76 million people, becoming the first original content that achieves those records in its first season.

So much was the enthusiasm, that in a video presented by Netflix, Hastings admitted that The Witcher will have a long life, "it is our new massive franchise that we will develop season after season."

Even, the Californian company presented a Google Trends chart to show that the monster hunter series was tremendously more popular than the Disney jewel, The Mandalorian and her Baby Yoda.

Google Trends shows difference between The Witcher and Mandalorian

In economic terms, the 2019 shareholders of Netflix $ 4.26 dollars per title were pocketed, more than the $ 2.78 earned in 2018, while the company increased its long-term debt from 10,360 million with which to close December 2019 to the current 14,759 million.

In subscriptions, Netflix added 4.4 million customers in Europe and another 2.04 million in Latin America.

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