The supposed design of the Xperia Z4 is filtered

Sony Xperia Z4 Design

It seems that Sony has happened to Samsung with its Galaxy S6. An accessory manufacturer has let images be leaked in which we can see an Xperia Z4, or so they let us believe.

It is not the first time that this happens, since it is very difficult to control all the manufacturers of accessories, which already have the device weeks before its presentationofficial. In this way the manufacturers of covers and other accessories prepare their products to take them out as the terminal goes on sale.

But sometime, as happened to the company ArmorSuit, These products can be seen along with the design of the terminal. This time it has been a screen protector which will go to the Sony Xperia Z4, from which we can see the front design in the images.

As we can see it is a surprising design, since they take the edges of the terminal to the last ones, being the optimization of the space a paste in the current Xperia Z3. We can see how the side buttons remain on the same line and respect the one dedicated to the camera. One of the most surprising things is the inclusion of two front speakers, which are the only thing that does not respect the total rectangular shape of the panel.

If we look, we can see another fully rectangular protector, letting it be thought that it will be for the back, which should have to be protected, most likely it was glass cover, Like his current companion the Z3.

Personally I think it will be a significant change, but there are things that do not add up to me, such as the lack of a front camera in the design or that the render is not quite well trimmed. These small doubts show that we may not be talking about the final terminal, but for this we still have to wait for it to be presented.

What do you think of this design?