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The next Death Stranding art book shows unused and grotesque BT concepts

The next Death Stranding art book shows unused and grotesque BT concepts – TecNoticias, your information portal

There were some really weird things here.

Regardless of what one might think Death strandedOne thing you can't deny is that it has a unique world. It is one where people are addicted to delivering packages, babies born dead are used in bottles to detect ghosts and there is no longer a definite line between life and death. It sure is fine, and one thing that helps it stand out is the BT. They are some of the toughest enemies in the game, with whom you must sneak away or face some nasty enemies. But at one time, they were even more unpleasant.

Soon a new art book will be launched and the people in Reddit of the game got it a little earlier. In it you can see some concepts not used for BT that are more deformed and grotesque than what you end up getting in the final game. Unused designs are more abstract and surreal compared to the more clearly defined animal-based designs that were decided. Check it below.

Death stranded Now available for PlayStation 4 and later in the year for PC. The art of death beached It is scheduled to leave on February 11 and presents all the art below, as well as much more.

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