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The best unlocked cell phones without attaching to any operator

Are you constantly traveling the world or do you simply not like to feel ties with any telephone operator? Then this guide interests you. Next, we show you a list of the best unlocked cell phones that exist in the market, with which you will not only enjoy good performance, camera and battery life, but also, you can be completely free from any part of the globe where you are.

The best unlocked phone right now is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It has the best screen on the market, offers fast performance with a lot of resistance and has an incredibly versatile camera. But if Samsung's phone is not to your liking, we have other alternatives with the best unlocked cell phones. With hundreds of reviews, in Digital Trends in SpanishWe are always ready to review the advantages and weaknesses of a device. Before buying one of these phones, be sure to verify that the phone works with your provider. Also check our guide on how to unlock your device for use in another company.

A quick look at the best unlocked cell phones

The best Android unlocked

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | The best unlocked cell phones Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | The best unlocked cell phones

Why should you buy it ?: It is an elegant phone, with all the features you might like.

Who is it for ?: Fantastic Samsung behind the phone with the best appearance in the world.

Why do we choose the Galaxy S10 Plus?:

The curved design of the Samsung screen is magnificent, and the Galaxy S10 Plus has a spectacular 6.4 inches in a great body. The specifications also do not go unnoticed, with a fast processor, a long-lasting battery and an excellent camera with great performance in low light. Samsung also incorporates water resistance, wireless charging, Bixby voice assistant and some other additional functions.

An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus work in the four major US companies, in addition to other smaller suppliers. It will also be useful for frequent travelers, thanks to the support for countless operator networks worldwide. However, there are many different models of the S10 Plus. To make no mistake, look for the model number finished in AA, such as SM-G975UZKAXAA.

If you want something smaller and a little cheaper, you can opt for the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10e. You can also consider waiting for the Galaxy S10 5G, compatible with 5G technology.

Read the review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

The best unlocked iPhone

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS | The best unlocked cell phones Apple iPhone XS | The best unlocked cell phones

Why should you buy it?: It is the best iPhone on the market, thanks to the dual lens camera and OLED screen.

Who is it for ?: Apple fans who want an unlocked phone that works with any operator.

Why do we choose the iPhone XS ?:

The iPhone XS is the best iPhone developed by Apple. It is the best option for Apple fans because it is powerful, safe and has an excellent camera. The complete package has no major weaknesses, except for the absence of a headphone jack.

You can buy your unlocked iPhone X directly from Apple and run on the four main US companies. In addition to a long list of other providers. For globetrotters, they also work in whatever destination they go to. You can find the full list of supported operators on the Apple website.