The best Android One of 2019

The best Android One of 2019

This year has undoubtedly been one of the best for the device family Android One, in large part it was due to Nokia, a brand that has bet fully on the Google program, although Xiaomi and Motorola have not been left behind and have presented some options that have called our attention and that are also part of Android One .

If you don't know what the phone numbers of the program are Android One, So let's do a quick review. This is the Google program where manufacturers use a pure version and with slight modifications of Android, in this way they offer a user experience almost similar to that of the Pixels, because basically the only thing they modify is the camera application, although Sometimes they get to add some extra settings or features without this being annoying to the user.

My experience using Android One

On the other hand, all Android One phones offer 3 years of security updates and 2 years of operating system, and together with Google Pixels are the phones with the best update policy on Android.

Now that you know what Android One is, it's time to review what were the best of the year:

1- Nokia 9 PureView

Approximate price: 13,600 MXN

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Nokia's high-end became undoubtedly the best Android One of the year, as it was the only high-end 2019, which was also the first phone in the world with 5 rear cameras.

The phone stands out for its good performance, and its photographic quality, however it is still far from matching these two points compared to other high-end this year, although that is why it is still a good option if you want the best Android One of this year

2- Nokia 7.2

Approximate price: 7,500 MXN

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Although this phone is expected to arrive in Mexico at the beginning of next year, the Nokia 7.2 is not only one of the best Android One of the year, but also one of the best mid-range of the year.

This device stands out for its great design, its triple rear camera with Zeiss optics and a screen capable of playing HDR content, in fact, we can say that it is the best mid-range to enjoy the best Android experience after the Pixel 3a.

3- Xiaomi Mi A3

Approximate price: 4,000 MXN

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