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The 10 best Clash Royale decks (by 2020)

The 10 best Clash Royale decks for 2020

Without a doubt, Clash Royale has become one of the most competitive games of all. That's why it is no accident that they launched the Clash Royale World Championship last year. So, to start the year in the best way, we wanted to bring you the 10 best Clash Royale decks for this year. Decks updated and ready to win.

If you are one of those who still do not have a defined deck you do not have to worry, ac Vers several types of mallets that can be played in different ways. So feel and check out the 10 best decks of Clash Royale (Special 2020).

The 10 best Clash Royale decks for 2020 "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

The best Clash Royale decks to use in 2020

Then you will find the updated deck selection, with the last goal of the game and adapted to the current year.

Gavel of the warrior healer with the giant Goblin

Deck of the Warrior Healer with the Giant Goblin "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Being this one of the strongest mallets of Season 6 of Clash Royale, the combination of the Curandera warrior with the giant Duende is one that takes a lot of advantage to the rival. While the giant Goblin is already a difficult card to knock down, now smale to the Warrior Healer behind him.

Even if in elixir x1 you can use the combination Giant Goblin + Dark Prince To press the rival tower, elixir x2 will be your forte. When you are in this mode, you should attack as follows:

  • Wait to have all the elixir.
  • Throw to Sparks behind one of your towers.
  • So allow time to reload the elixir.
  • Throw at Giant Leprechaun in front of Sparks.
  • Summon the Warrior healer between the Giant Goblin and Sparks.

This will bring down the enemy towers in a few seconds. If some enemy wants to eliminate your attack combo, you should not worry, since the warrior healer is curing you. Remember that too You can defend yourself with the Download and the Fireball.

Also you can add to this combination the Night Witch, if you are in elixir x1 you can use it with the giant Goblin or, if you are in a cycle that does not favor Sparks, replace it with it.

Remember to useDark prince in elixir x1 to pressBy the other tower.

Mallet of the Crossbow with the Fire Launcher

Crossbow with Fire Launcher "width =" 700 "height =" 350

This type of mallet isfast cycling and has the Crossbow as the indispensable card to win. That is, if you misuse it, you lose the game. Now, the rest of the cards are to defend your Crossbow.

Usuallythe Crossbow goes to the side of the bridge to destroy the rival tower, that's why your Tesla Tower must go near it to eliminate the troops that want to tear it down. The Trunk will help you defeat the terrestrial hordes that endanger your Crossbow.

The Skeletons and the Golem will make you cycle the fastest deck, as they will also help you defend the towers. Finally, the Fire Launcher has a fundamental role, because its damage in rea demolish all kinds of cards that want to eliminate your Crossbow.

Attentive to him Elixir Collectorasboost the speed of your cycling, which will make you win faster. Without a doubt, one of the best decks of Clash Royale for this year 2020.

Classic Cemetery Deck

Classic Cemetery Deck "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Among the best decks for 2020 could not miss the classic deck of the Cemetery -Veneno, since this is a lethal combination to tear down the towers. But attentive, because you will have to know when to use it and when not, since It's your only combo to attack.

At first, you have several cards to defend yourself practically from whatever:

  • gentleman.
  • Baby dragon.
  • Ice mage.
  • Twister.
  • Barrel Barrel.
  • Lipid.

With any of these letters you can beat hordes areas or land and divert with Lpida to heavy cards like the Golem or the Pekka. So do not rush to release your winning combo, analyze the opponent's cards and how is your game. Since that way you can know when he was left without elixir and when he did not (that's where your combo shines).

your attack is based on the following, you have to:

  • Throw a card that absorbs enemy tower damage.
  • It can be him Knight or Beb Dragn.
  • Then debers use the Graveyard with Poison.

Thus, you make the enemy tower focus on the small tank while the Poison and the skeletons of your Cemetery melt the tower.

Lavablom mallet

Lavablom deck "width =" 700 "height =" 350

The famous Lavablom is named after the combination between the Lava Hound and the Bomb balloon, so you know what your winning combo is. While they recently made a change of balance to the Lava Hound, this combination still works.

How do you know the Lava Hound + the Bomb balloon are 12 drops of elixir, so you have to know how to use them or you will remain without elixir to defend yourself against a rival counterattack.

The best thing is to wait for elixir x2, which is where you can get the most out of it. In the meantime you can defend yourself with:

  • Minions.
  • Horde of Minions.
  • Megablack.
  • Barbarians.
  • Arrows.

The Arrows are going to be your s sleeve up in the elixir x2, as they will help you eliminate the Minions, Horde of Minions and Bats who want to knock down your attack combination. The idea is clear, use the Lava Hound while the Bomb balloon goes behind this. In addition, you can combine it with Ice and do much greater damage.

Remember that you must invoke the Lava Hound behind one of your towers so you can wait while reloading elixir and invoke the Bomb balloon. Also, give you time to get over elixir to use the Arrows or Ice.

Pekka's Deck with Battle Ram

Pekka Deck with Battle Ram "width =" 700 "height =" 351

The Pekka-Battle Ram was one of the strongest decks of last year, however, due to a drop in statistics made to the latter, the combination stopped working and replaced it with the Montacarneros.

Now, the battle ram has returned to raise the statistics, so the winning combo has returned to the sands of Clash Royale. How does it work? Simple, in elixir x1 you can put pressure with the Bandit, the real Ghost and the Battle Ram.

You can even use the poison in elixir x1 to eliminate skeletons or hordes who want to defeat the Bandit, the real Ghost or the Battle Ram.

In the elixir x2 the thing changes a bit, because Pekka appears on the scene. The idea is simple:

  • Throw the Pekka behind one of your towers.
  • Wait to reload elixir.
  • Throw into Battle Ram behind the Pekka When it's coming to the bridge.
  • Use the Poison when they are reaching the rival tower to eliminate hordes or skeletons that distract your Pekka.

Remember that you can also defend yourself with the electric wizard, the discharge, the minions or the poison itself. The battle ram has returned to destroy all the towers of Clash Royale in 2020, so, why don't you try it?

Classic Montapuercos mallet

Classic deck of the Montapuercos "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Without a doubt, we present you the most annoying Clash Royale deck in 2020. It is for those players who like to play with the patience of the opponent, why? Simple, your enemy never comes to touch one of your towers.

The idea is to defend yourself to die, and I know you will. And it is that all your cards are defensive (except the Montapuercos). In addition, your deck is fast cycling so you will always have elixir to invoke cards and be able to defend yourself.

With the Ice Golem, Skeletons, Ice Spirit and Trunk make all the cards deviate and focus on anything but your tower. In addition, you have the Fireball in case you throw any type of wizard and the Musketeer to eliminate heavy cards (the Can has the same function).

As you know the Montapuercos go doing damage to the tower little by little And so you will overcome it. In addition, the Trunk will help you eliminate any horde that wants to tear down your Montapuercos.

Golem's Deck with the Night Witch

Golem's Deck "width =" 700 "height =" 350

The Golem, is one of the strongest cards of all Clash Royale. It doesn't matter if the statistics go down, there will always be some winning combination. This time it is the Golem + Night Witch but attentive, because the Leador and the Poison will greatly enhance your attack.

How is the Golem game going? Well, because it is a heavy card, this deck is slow cycle. That is, you should not waste the elixir and you have to know when to use your cards. Especially in the elixir x1, since its load is slower.

You can actually defend yourself with practically everything, with the Poison, Tornado and Barbarian Barrel ensure that no horde reaches your tower (either area or land). With the Reader, the Night Witch and the Baby Dragon you can handle cards with a little more life.

So, When is your time to attack? Well, if you see that you can do it on elixir x1 do it, though it is much better to wait for elixir x2. The idea is:

  • Throw at Golem behind one of your towers.
  • Summon the Night witch behind the Golem when it is reaching the bridge.
  • Throw at Reader in front of the Golem.

In this way you ensure that the objective of the enemy tower is your Leador, something important since When your Reader dies, the Fury will be activated and your cards will hit faster. The objective of the Night Witch is for the Bats to do enough damage and can eliminate the Golem counters such as the Pekka or the infernal Dragn.

Noble Giant's Deck

Noble Giant's Deck "width =" 700 "height =" 350

The nobility has come to elegantly destroy your opponent's towers. The noble Giant, although it may not seem like it, is one of the strongest cards of Clash Royale in 2020. At level 13 and alone against the tower can take 400 life points for each cannon. So you know that the king of the giants is your most offensive card.

Although it may not seem like it, it is a fairly passive deck, so you should be patient. You can gradually damage the oven and defend yourself with the rest of the cards, because you have everything so they don't touch your tower:

  • Lightning for wizards, musketeers, witches, etc.
  • Barrel bark for terrestrial hordes.
  • Electric wizard for hordes areas and delay other heavier cards.
  • Guards for the Pekka, Prncipe, Montapuercos, etc.
  • Beb dragn for hordes aras, terrestrial and other letters.

The idea to attack is quite simple, drop the noble Giant on the bridge to do all possible damage to the rival tower. Remember that this giant prioritizes structure cards, So watch that!

You may accompany the king of the giants with the Beb dragn, the elliptical magician or the Megaesbirro to defend it while it is melting the enemy tower.

Rocket Deck

Missile Deck "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Another of the most annoying mallets of all Clash Royale. Perfectly designed for people who want the opponent to leave the game or for those who think that defense is the best attack.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that this it's a quick cycle mallet, so you can easily invoke your main defensive cards:

  • gentleman.
  • Ice spirit.
  • Trunk.
  • Elf Gang.
  • Infernal tower.

With these letters you can defend yourself from everything. Well the Infernal tower melt tanks like the Pekka, Lava Hound, Giant, Giant Goblin or even cards like the Prince or the Baby Dragn. While the Knight can withstand up to 3 hits from the Pekka, the Trunk eliminates the earthly hordes and the Ice Spirit slows down any card.

It is essential that you have patience to attack, because the Princess and the Goblin Barrel will do little damage. The idea is to use the Missile whenever you can since it will do enough damage. Remember that due to your fast cycle deck, you can have the Missile again in the blink of an eye.

Giant's Deck with the Musketeer

Giant's Deck with the Musketeer "width =" 700 "height =" 350

The Giant and the Musketeer are friends since the beginning of the game, a combination that remains stronger than ever in 2020 in Clash Royale. The way to attack is easy:

  • Throw at Giant behind one of your towers.
  • Summon the Musketeer behind the Giant when it is reaching the bridge.
  • Throw at Megaesbirro or the Mini-Pekka behind the Giant.

With this you will get the enemy tower to target the Giant while the Musketeer is taking life away. The Mini-Pekka will help you take down tanks, wizards, witches or princes who want to defeat your Giant.

However, it is important that you know that the Mini-Pekka is also one of the deck's defensive cards. Well, help you eliminate any of the letters you just read when the cycle does not favor you and your opponent is attacking you. The Fireball, Download, Trunk and Megabill will help you defend yourself from everything.

As you can see there is a lot of variety, many possible combinations and various types of game. Fast and slow cycle mallets. So, why don't you try one and tell us how did it go? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments. Even if you have some recommended deck you can make your contribution.

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