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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Cmo footrest in Smash Ultimate

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James can usually be found with monkey.

Footrest is a key method with which you will get an additional option to protect the edges and mix your evasion.

How do I stand on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

It is a fairly basic strategy, but one that beginner and intermediate players do not use very often.

All you need to do to strangle an enemy is to press the Jump button, since you are directly over his head. Then you can see Little Mac running a stool on an Olimar in the air, forcing him to an animation of each, which can be taught if the strangled player reacts fast enough.

One of the main uses of footrests in Smash Ultimate is for fenders. If you are directly on your enemy, you can interrupt many recoveries by stepping on them, forcing them to a downward trajectory and often leading to early deaths, especially if the enemy has already used his double jump.

Meta of Smash has a brief explanation about footrest protectors, and we have put it below to help you. [/ embed]

You can also remove the footrest of an opponent to ground, which forces them to a few frames of immobility while performing the footrest. With some characters, such as Falco, this can be used for combos after a stop using their Fire Bird attack. However, it is an advanced technique, so you will have to spend some time in training mode perfecting the times

Phantom footstool

Another use that is potentially going to see more exploration in the future is the footrest to prevent enemy attacks. GimR of VGBootCamp released an explanation of this technique, citing the Smash Ultimate movement damping system and the 4 intangibility frames offered by the foot footstool as reasons why this method works.

The basic idea here is that you use your double jump, and against certain characters without disjointed hitboxes, spam packaging the Jump button and then you can sneak out of them without being hit.

Then you avoid the hitbox using the intangibility frames, before jumping out of the hitbox's reach before it hits you.

This technique is very advanced and has not been explored in the professional scene as much as it could be, but watch the GimR video below if you want to know more about this strategy. [/ embed]

That's all for our footrest guide! However, we have many more Smash Ultimate tips and tricks for you, including the best way to configure your controls, as well as guides on Directional Influence and Smash Directional Influence.

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