Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on video: know its design

Little we need to know about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but if there was enough information, it has recently leaked into a video where the design is seen with great detail, revealing more aspects of how to be the company's folding phone.

At the end of the month of January we already learned about their technical specifications and data about their cameras and batteries, although of the design we have also known a lot, although at the moment not as good as those shown now a video where the Galaxy Z Flip is on several sides.

And it is that in the video you can observe the operation of its opening and closing mechanism, in addition to revealing more details about the layout of the cameras, the design and some small additions. In any case, the video confirms everything we have seen.

Camera embedded in the screen

Although the video lasts just under 20 seconds, it is enough to obtain information about the design of the Galaxy Z Flip. One of the first things we look at is how Samsung's terminal looks completely closed while we don't use it.

The screen that is visible to the user is where the main dual camera of the device, located just in the lower right. In the left section below we see a small screen that allow us to see the time, date, etc.

Image - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on video: know its design

This little panel is useful because we will not have to open the phone to check the time, or even know the current battery percentage and date, but not to see notifications. Although it is off, its presence is noticeable, something that simply does not look quite right.

A few seconds later, you can see that the tweeter Ben Geskin opens the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as if it were a phone of the old cover and shows in all its splendor the huge screen of the mobile with reduced frames and the front camera embedded in the screen.

It does not seem very comfortable to use with one hand, even to open it. Little more is seen in the video except the color in which it seems to be available on Galaxy Z Flip, a bright purple that suits him very well, although probably not the only color of the catalog.

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