Samsung Ballie, the new and fun friend of BB-8

Samsung Ballie, the new and fun friend of BB-8

Samsung ballie

How not to fall at the feet of BB-8 and the charms of this endearing robot that does a bit of everything in the last deliveries of Star Wars: repair the birds, decipher messages and always accompany faithful and indefatigable to its owner. Well, Samsung has not wanted to miss the opportunity of CES 2020 to present Ballie, a small robot that appears to be more trivial than it really is capable of doing, or that is at least what the manufacturer has outlined in a Short promotional video posted on your Twitter account.

At the inaugural keynote of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced us to what they understand as The Age of Experience, a combination of hardware and software that creates personalized experiences that make life more fun and enjoyable. full of content An ambitious declaration of intentions that we do not know very well in what materialized until we saw little Ballie run around the floor of an idyllic home.

The size of a tennis ball and equipped with a camera, this little robot rolls on the ground and in addition to photographing or taking video captures, it seems that it is capable of many more things than we initially believed. In the presentation itself, Ballie was able to follow the head of the H.S. Kim on stage and even heed his voice when he called. However, in the video presented by the Koreans, the robot is capable of performing many more tasks and is closer to what BB-8 does.

Ballie can become our assistant and contact us remotely if he observes anything abnormal; Everything seems to indicate that Samsung poses this product as a platform that will serve many more things. The manufacturer has not yet specified a launch date, nor, of course, the price, but we liked Samsung's vision of this super connected home.

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