Netflix reveals its best tricks to use the service as an expert

Netflix reveals its best tricks to use the service as an expert

On the occasion of the premiere of the last season of Grace and Frankie,Netflix has shared some tricks and tips. Highlights include those that allow you to download content to watch later (without connection), hide the display activity and modify the appearance of the subtitles.

Do not expose your guilty tastes

Senior adult using Netflix platform

Your partner criticizes you because you like gender chick-flick or some animated series? No problem, you can delete your history so that you think you only see The crown. Log in to the official Netflix page, select your profile and click on the option Account, which is displayed when you hover over the cone of your profile in the upper right.

Go to the section My profile and touches Display activity. In the new menu that is displayed, click on the cone next to the episode or title you want to hide. To leave no trace of anything you visualized, your choice is Hide all, located at the bottom of the page.

At night, better with subtitles

If you have been struck by watching your series or movie in turn with a high volume, especially at night, better consider the subtitles. All programs on Netflix have the option to add them, even those of their original language. In the options panel, go to Audio and subtitles and choose the most convenient for each situation.

And if they are large subtitles, the better

Too small to see? Don't worry, you can improve its appearance, from changing the color to changing the font size. Again, you will have to go to My profile, within Account, and select Appearance of the subtitles, in order to make the changes that best suit you.

Always content with you

For those moments when you have a long trip, the popular streaming video platform has the option of downloading content on your cell phone. Find the program or movie you want to watch, locate the cone of an arrow down and click on it to start the download. In the main menu, located at the bottom, choose downloads to manage all the content you can see offline.

What was the series called?

If you only remember some details of the production you promised to play, don't worry, you will surely find it. Locate the magnifying glass cone in the main menu and write any word related to the series or movie, such as country, the name of one of the protagonists and even the title of a similar film; Among the options that are displayed, surely you are interested.

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