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My experience with three Huawei gadgets: Mate 30 Pro, FreeBuds 3 and Watch GT 2

I have spent a few days with what could be considered a small technological ecosystem of Huawei, composed of the Mate 30 Pro, the FreeBuds 3 in white and the Watch GT 2 smart watch, products premium in their respective product categories. Are more complaints than praise in this experience?

Huawei gadgets on a black background

In Digital Trends in Spanish, colleagues and I have already commented on our experience with each of these products separately, and now we have the opportunity to talk about the whole.

The communication between the three devices is faster than when trying to link the wireless headphones or the smart watch with a cell phone that did not leave the Huawei factory. While the applications now facilitate, to a large extent, that the user may be using, at the same time, two gadgetsfrom different brands, the process seems more natural when they belong to the same company.

Apple is the expert in this section. It seems that their teams, from the smallest to the most robust, were made under the concept of being as intuitive as possible, so that their clients do not have to be struggling with confusing configurations.

Especially since Huawei became an important player in the field of cell phones, it has been working to make its mobile device system feel well integrated, and it is checked with the three that I have spent a few days with.

huawei freebuds 3 held by a userLuis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends

Since the FreeBuds 3 case opens, for example, the Mate 30 Pro immediately recognizes them to show the battery percentage of each headset and the same case. From the Health in the mobile app, it is possible to set different functions for the Watch GT 2, such as activity reminders that appear if the user spends more than an hour sitting and tests of automatic stress, among other features.

The smartphone Huawei's latest generation is the ideal bridge to find a more complete and intuitive experience with both the smartwatch as with the wireless headphones of the brand, as expected.

Yes, there is the matter that the cell phone does not integrate Google Mobile Services, which translates, above all, in that the apps of the Californian company cannot be used in it. It is a consequence of the US trade restrictions towards China, the country of origin of Huawei.

In this sense, being an Android user since I started using smart phones and having most of my information on Google services, I had a hard time moving to Mate 30 Pro at 100 percent.

huawei mate 30 pro 4 interview

Huawei says that it works in forced marches so that people find in their new device the Android experience to which they are accustomed, a process that takes time, without a doubt.

It can be said that the Mate 30 Pro is the first commercial telephone in China that pays for the broken plates of the United States trade restriction. However, and if the user is willing to put aside Google a little, with all that that implies, in the new mobile find a camera, screen and battery that do not disappoint in any case.

The licenses that US companies have requested to return to work with Huawei, until today, are still frozen, so the company better goes its own way to create its own Google, not the search engine, but all the services that there are Around this name.

The manufacturer continues to demonstrate that it knows how to make good hardware, especially with everything that has to do with mobile devices; and has thrown the coin into software.

Returning to the topic of the tro of devices that I have used recently, I can say that the experience is favorable. There are more points in favor of having an ecosystem of the same manufacturer than products of different brands.

That is not a practice that everyone can carry out, especially with the articles premium: They are not cheap at all, especially those of recognized firms, such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei itself.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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