LG present at CES 2020 a roller TV that comes out of the ceiling

LG present at CES 2020 a roller TV that comes out of the ceiling

The concepts of flexibility, rolling and adaptable are taking flight in the technology industry and not only in the world of cell phones, since since 2019 that companies have begun to market televisions with this format.

LG in fact at CES 2019 presented its OLED models that were deployed from a stand, however, South Koreans want to take the experience further.

On January 2, through its press center, the firm announced that it will present in Las Vegas a 65-inch OLED Roll-Down UHD TV, which will be discovered from the ceiling, without any support, which can be lowered when you want it to be rolled up only when it is not in use. And as they promised, they recently showed it to a select group of journalists, among which the Digital Trends team in Spain stands out.

In LG's own words, with this they want to demonstrate "how visualization technologies can be further expanded to meet the versatile needs of customers' varied lifestyle patterns and to adapt to the characteristics of various spaces."

Other innovations to show LG at CES 2020

But this screen that descends from the ceiling, which projector, is not the only novelty that LG showed in Las Vegas: it also announced a smaller OLED, and news for airplanes and more proposals for home and cars.

In summary what they will show we saw:

  • LG Display presented the latest OLED cinematic sound screens with the sound system integrated into the screen to generate sound directly from it.
  • I exhibited a 77-inch OLED screen for cinema and UHD cinematic sound that hung like a wallpaper.
  • The company also exhibited an 88-inch 8K cinematic OLED sound display with a magnificent 11.2-channel sound system.
  • LG Display add another OLED TV screen size to its line of 55, 65, 77 and 88-inch OLED TV screens, expanding options for the consumer by presenting a 48-inch OLED TV screen.
  • The Korean company exhibited its OLED plastic car screens. The display will show a large dashboard with four automotive POLED displays, including the company's 14-inch class, the 12.3-inch central information screen (CID), the 12.3-inch co-pilot screen (CDD) and the 12.8-inch control pad combined screen in a single glass cover.
  • LG Display enhance flight experiences for aircraft passengers with their 55-inch OLEDs installed on the wall, allowing people to feel more openness in the narrow space of a closed cabin.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on January 6, 2020.

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