Karakin be the new map to get to PUBG Mobile

Karakin be the new map to get to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Karakin

A new map in PUBG Mobile means a lot of fun and new areas to explore, and if it's like Karakin, better than better. And we say it because it is a 2 × 2 kilometer map and that is even smaller than Sanhok, so if you are looking for quick games it will be the map to choose when you do not have much time to play in the day.

Karakin is a new map that is characterized by having a black zone and that it differs from the red zone by forcing players to move fast, since the bombings will destroy the buildings wherever their bombs fall. A map where we can destroy walls and even the C4 will appear.

A map for quick games

PUBG Mobile developers are well aware that many players prefer to pull Sanhok for reducing the time of the games. Not everyone has the necessary time to play two or three games, in fact games like Extraordinary Ones are perfect, so knowing that it is these players who then also consume more cosmetic objects (having a life and being able to earn their money ), PUBG is now ready to announce a map that will reduce the time due to the smallness of the map, although it also has its extension.

Apart from being smaller in dimensions, we must also have its destructible elements, that is to say, that we are going to be able to use dynamite C4 and even the bombings will make the buildings suffer theirs and are damaged. That is to say, that you will not be able to hide under a roof while that wave of bombs are falling, you will have to move so as not to end up on the ground eating earth after a good bombing.

Another tip of this map is going to be the secret booties that we can find with a series of new grenades to destroy those walls. If we talk about being destructible, keep in mind that the walls can be bored, so pay attention to what awaits us; We assume that object physics will have a lot to do with that new map.

Support to 64 players in Karakin

PUBG Mobile Karakin

The map is located in North Africa and is even smaller than Sanhok. If it has a 4 × 4 kilometer map, Karakin is located at 2 × 2. That is, you will hardly be able to breathe when you reach the ground with your parachute; and that is what is so that the games are as fast as possible and also count for the leaderboard.

Yes, it is true that we will have fewer players, a total of 64, but being a smaller map, we will hardly notice the difference. We assume that fewer bots will come into play, so we would almost ride the same as other maps.


And another curious fact, those fragmentation grenades to which we are accustomed will disappear on this map. Will be replaced by dynamite C4 and that will allow to open hidden tunnels as we have said before. Another of the data to consider is the sights. Here the 3x will be the largest and is due to the size of the map. Goodbye to snipers.

What does seem to appear to appear in a new update for this map would be the rocket launcher Panzerfaust, and that comes from pearls when we can destroy buildings with it. So we will stay with games that will pass at the most 10-15 minutes. And we repeat, for those who have little time in the day, it will be the favorite map to play in order to continue scoring on the leaderboard.

All the images that you can see attached in this publication belong to the version of PUBG on PC, so there will be some change for the worse if we compare them with mobile, although it will not be much the difference, since PUBG Mobile with Karakin It will look fancy.