JBL presents several headphones and a bar with Dolby Atmos

JBL presents several headphones and a bar with Dolby Atmos

JBL, one of Harman Kardon's brands, has launched at CES 2020 some impressive proposals, from completely wireless headphones (true wireless) to your first soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology and removable speakers. Here are all the news:

Live 300 TWS

JBL is launching two new pairs of completely wireless headphones. The Live 300TWS model costs $ 150, a price similar to the older AirPods, and includes a good number of features that Apple's lack.

Among the most outstanding features, there are six hours of playback time with a single charge (20 hours in total with the charging case), ambient sound so you can listen to the world around you while using them and TalkThru mode, which It allows you to touch the side of the headset to amplify the voices. They also offer IPX5 water resistance and a fast charging function that allows you to get an hour of playback with a 10 minute charge.


Those with a tighter budget can take a look at this $ 100 model, which offers an AirPods style design and increases the bass thanks to the drivers 12.5mm With a design like tee Golf and some parts with a metallic finish, these headphones are also compatible with voice assistants.

When it comes to battery life, JBL says they offer “19 hours in total” with the charging case, but it does not indicate the autonomy of the headphones with a single charge (which is not usually a good sign) . Even so, they are affordable and we will have to examine them further to see if they have other attributes or sound quality that make them stand out from the crowd.

9.1 soundbar bar

This 9.1 channel sound bar is a curious proposal for several reasons. First of all, it is JBL's first soundbar with the Dolby Atmos system, which means that its “9.1” title is a bit inaccurate name, since four ignition controllers make it a 5.1.4 system channels using the traditional industry terminology, although technically there are still 9 channels with a 10-inch subwoofer for the ".1".

But even more interesting is the way in which the soundbar achieves its immersion in the surround sound, using removable wireless speakers that can be placed anywhere in the room. The speakers are battery operated, so they cannot be permanently uncoupled from the bar, offering about 10 hours of playback per charge before having to reconnect them. We have already seen this before in the JBL 5.1 bar, so 9.1 is only the last iteration of this unique design concept.

Other features of the bar include 4K intermediate step with Dolby Vision support to connect a device streamingor a Blu-ray player directly, as well as support for AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for streaming High resolution audio.

Club One headphones

In addition, the company has a new line of headphones "inspired by the most demanding musicians", with the emblematic Club One model ($ 350 dollars) in the lead. Using graphene for lightweight and high-performance drivers, Club One headphones have high resolution certification.

They also offer many other impressive features to rival Sony's popular WH-1000XM3, including active noise cancellation that, according to JBL, uses a system that monitors the environment 50,000 times per second, and up to 23 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation and Bluetooth activated.

Quantum 800

JBL gamers headphones

For the gamers, the firm also reveals interesting proposals, such as the Quantum 800, wireless helmets that will arrive in stores from April 2020 for an approximate price of $ 200 dollars.

Among its features, it stands out its active noise cancellation, the QuantumSURROUND home technology to have a wider and more realistic spatial sound stage, Bluetooth 5.0, compatibility with various gaming systems and directional microphone for better communication.

Quantum 600

JBL gamers headphones

The Quantum 600, also wireless, will be priced at $ 150 dollars so they are located below the Quantum 800 and will also be available from April 2020, according to JBL.

This pair has practically the same characteristics as its older “brother”, including QuantumSURROUND technology. However, the fact that they cost $ 50 dollars less is due to the fact that the firm did not include Bluetooth 5.0 and the cancellation of active noise.

Quantum One

JBL gamers headphones

This is the best model for gamers of the company, since it takes the sound to a higher level, thanks to its JBL QuantumSPHERE 360 technology, the only one in the series that includes it, and it is also multiplatform, so it works without problems on consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch , as well as on PC and Mac.